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Tema: [Tutorial instalare DPROTO]

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Tutorial instalare DPROTO la data de Dum Apr 28, 2013 3:28 am




Ce este dproto ? / What is dproto ?
dproto v0.9.87 este un plugin metamod facut de Crock care permite conexiuni pe server de la utilizatorii de CS Protocol 47 + 48, Steam + NonSteam.

[+] Serverul apare cu succes la [Internet] si [Favorites]
[+] Arata iconitele jucatorilor cu STEAM.
[+] Functioneaza cu ultima versiune de swds.dll

Download dproto Trebuie sa postati pentru a vedea ...

Dupa 2 ani de inactivitate , Crock a scos capul la lumina.
sursa cs.rin.ru

Because of my hands growing from ass it's possible to use running HLDS servers with dproto as an amplification point of reflected DDoS attacks (with source IP spoofing).

    As you can see, amplification ratio is 2000 to 60, so hacker can generate ~2Gbit/sec of UDP flood on victim with only 60Mbit/sec utilization of his internet channel. Normally, this should not happen because server should check if this particular client is allowed to send a request that generates large answer. This is done by "challenges" system:
    1. First, client sends a "challenge request" request.
    2. Server generates random number called "challenge" and assigns it with client's ip and returns to client.
    3. Any other requests from client should be sent with challenge number returned by server. Server must check that challenge in those requests is the same as challenge assigned to client's IP.
    The problem is that challenge checking is not implemented in dproto. 0.9.177 build fixes that.

DOWNLOAD Trebuie sa postezi pentru a vedea ...

De asemenea este INDICAT sa faceti update la ultimul ENGINE HLDS !

Versiuni mai vechi:

Fixed steamid generation for Steamclient 2009

Fixed: VAC Status was always "protected" on Windows servers.
Moved all options to configure fakeplayers detector to dproto.cfg
Update sample amxx plugins.

Added quick fix for vulnerability in netchan's fragment parser
Enhanced detection of fakeplayers (against Argentinian haxxxorz)

Improvements/bugfixes in fakeplayers/packet flood detection code
AMXX API and example plugins updated
Fixed bug with cid_AVSMP, it was always 1
Added useful commands for threats monitoring, check Readme.txt
bugfix, bugfix, bugfix, bugfix....
Added support for AVSMP clients
fix for random svc_bads on connect
proper bots detection method in fakeplayers detector
fixed problems with AMD engines
fixed hybrid answer mode
fakeplayers detector won't kick and ban bots anymore
fixed crash when working with bans DB (banid)
fix in new revEmu auth code
(untested) "The VAC problem" (when VAC banned clients are able to join server) should be fixed.
Source code will not be available anymore.
added option (HLTVExcept_IP) to allow HLTVs from specified address to join the server even if cid_HLTV is 5 (deprectated). May be useful if you using HLTVReport plugin, but you dont want to allow another HLTVs to join your server.
added protection against flooding server with connectionless (PlayerList, ServerInfo, Rules) queries.
added 2-level protection against all kinds of fake players
added config options to set first prefix of steamid for clients. For example, revEmu clients may be marked as STEAM_4_0_xx
added support for new revEmu/SteamClient2009 clients
added support for latest linux engine.
project moved to new versioning system; version format for now is MAJOR.MINOR.REVISION

fixed buffer overflow vulnerability in SV_ParseCvarValue2()
fixed crash for linux servers, when server started as unprivileged user that not able to write to server root directory.

fixed problem with dropping clients with "Unknown HLTV Type" message
fix in anti-svc_bad code, it should work fine now

fixed: old WON clients (CS patch 21 and lower) unable to join server

fixed NET_SendPacket error that appears when server tried to drop deprecated client

implemented fix for "Server failed to transmit file AY&SY" kind of svc_bad's
UTF8 Chat/Nicknames support completely removed (will add it to another plugin)
Userinfo filter removed because it does not needed anymore (it was a temporary fix for svc_bad's)
added separate AuthProvider (dp_r_id_provider cvar) constant for HLTV (check amxx/dp_test.sma)
fixed GameNameChanger plugins under Windows.
There are a lot of changes in dproto.cfg. Old configs won't work with this version.

Cum se instaleaza dproto
- Faceti NEAPARAT un update la engine-urile serverului:
Cum faceti update-ul? Dati click pe Start, Run si scrieti cmd in casuta. Intrati in folderul vostru unde este instalat serverul si dati urmatoarele comenzi:
hldsupdatetool.exe -command update -game valve -dir . -verify_all

asteptati sa se termine apoi dati si
hldsupdatetool.exe -command update -game cstrike -dir . -verify_all

./steam -command update -game valve -dir . -verify_all

asteptati sa se termine apoi dati si
./steam -command update -game cstrike -dir . -verify_all

- Intrati in /cstrike/addons/
- Creati un folder numit 'dproto'

- Copiati fisierul dproto_i386.so -(linux) sau dproto.dll -(windows) din arhiva, in HLDS/csrike/addons/dropto/
- Intrati in HLDS/cstrike/addons/metamod/
- Deschideti plugins.ini si adaugati pentru Windows:
win32  addons\dproto\dproto.dll

Pentru linux adaugati:
linux addons/dproto/dproto_i386.so

- Copiati din arhiva fisierul dproto.cfg in /cstrike/dproto.cfg
- Adaugati in server.cfg linia
exec dproto.cfg

- Gata.

- Daca aveti setat la parametrii -nomaster, trebuie sa il stergeti, pluginul se va conecta automat la serverele STEAM.

English instructions
Q: What is dproto?
A: Dproto was made as replace for cbooster on double-protocoling solutions area. dproto designed to work for new p.48 HLDS, so all steam features can be used with it. Dproto has one primary goal - to allow old clients to join new servers, all another features are secondary and they were added by users requests. Also note, that dproto is not an emulator, so dont wait unique steamid generation methods. If you want this - use server-side emulators (revEmu for exmaple).

Q: How to install dproto?
1. Go to <gamedir>/addons/ and make new directory named dproto
<gamedir> - its a game directory; cstrike for Counter-Strike, valve for Half-Life, etc
2. Copy dproto.dll or dproto_i386.so to <gamedir>/addons/dproto/
3. Go to metamod installation directory (usually its <gamedir>/addons/metamod/) and edit plugins.ini:
add this line for windows
win32 addons\dproto\dproto.dll
or this for linux
linux addons/dproto/dproto_i386.so
at the beginning of the file
4. Copy dproto.cfg to server root or gamedir.
5. Start the server. You should use this command on linux:
./hlds_run -binary ./hlds_i686

when server loads, type "meta list" in console. You'll see something like this:
Currently loaded plugins:
description stat pend file vers src load unlod
[ 1] dproto RUN - dproto_i386.so v0.2.6 ini Start Never
[ 2] AMX Mod X RUN - amxmodx_mm_i386. v1.8.1.3 ini Start ANY
2 plugins, 2 running
6. Enjoy

Q: I installed dproto, but it does not work. meta list says this:
Code: Select all | Line number On/Off | Expand/Contract
Currently loaded plugins:
description stat pend file vers src load unlod
[ 1] dproto fail load dproto_i386.so v0.2.6 ini Start Never

A: Start server with -console +log on +mp_logecho 1 parameters and look through console output. You'll find the reason there.

Q: AmxModX admins could not authorize using their password.
A: Just replace _pw in dproto.cfg:
ValidInfoFields_Engine = \name\bottomcolor\topcolor\model\cl_lc\cl_lw\cl_updaterate\cl_dlmax\rate\_pw\*hltv\password

to field that you using for keep admin password.

Q: I dont see my server in steam favorites!
A: Set ServerInfoAnswerType to 0 or 2 in dproto.cfg

Q: My server is invisible in favorites in cs v24!
A: Set ServerInfoAnswerType to 1 or 2 in dproto.cfg

Q: How to make my server visible both in old no steam clients and steam?
A: Set ServerInfoAnswerType to 2 in dproto.cfg

Q: I'm getting "Error verifying STEAM UserID Ticket(server was
unable to contact the authentication server)" error when playing on legit client.
Q: Bans for legit SteamID do not work. Users with banned IDs are able to play on server.
A: Your server can't conect/lost connection to steam servers. I dont know universal method to check connection to steam servers (if someone know it - pls tell me). If you have VAC secured server, use stat command. If it shows version as "insecure" or "insecure (secure mode enabled, disconnected from Steam3)" it means that connection to steam servers lost. This problem is not related to dproto, but i can give some tips to fix it:
1. Check if outgoing TCP connections are allowed to destination port 27030
2. Check if outgoing UDP datagrams are allowed from local ports 2690x
3. If you using linux, you should add +ip <server ip> parameter to command line. I'm using +ip for example and it works fine.

** Pentru ca dproto sa functioneze pentru cei care folosesc sisteme de operare linux pe 64 de biti, trebuie sa instaleze un pachet extra, dupa cum urmeaza:
- pentru ubuntu x64: "sudo apt-get install lib32stdc++6"
- pentru debian x64: "sudo apt-get install ia32-libs"

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